crystal lyn


Let's just be real... There aren't many people who want to bring up this subject in the business but jewelry can be harmful! I got into this industry actually wanting to find a way out of the chemical dangers in my previous career doing hair-styling at a big salon. While working my way out of the hair industry, I picked up my skills in jewelry which grew rapidly during the holidays of 2016. Few months into the business, I looked up all the materials that competitors were using, such as " Forever21, H&M, Target, etc..." Realizing that a lot of their jewelry contained harmful chemicals that were actually causing cancer! I was shocked learning about this because I wanted to avoid chemicals as much as possible in this chapter of my life. Luckily, I had a supplier from California who made all her materials in San Diego with brass and clean metals that did not contain lead or nickel. It does cost more but in the long run I knew it would pay off and this would be my way to market my jewelry. Everything I sell does NOT contain lead or nickel and is made of brass, pewter, sterling silver, or gold-dipped materials. I really hope you can take this information with you when you go shopping for inexpensive jewelry. I hope you check out my shop and enjoy your harm free jewelry!

Starting in a two bedroom apartment in Long Beach, California. On the dining room table with just three tools and a box of broken jewelry pieces  from other necklaces, I began to create jewelry for myself and recycle old pieces . It started with myself wearing them to my co-workers and then to their friends and family. I knew that I had to take this to a legit level. Over the past year, I have been searching for all the right materials and people to help me make this into a business! And it’s finally a reality. Over 2017, I have sold at over 20 different vendor events in Los Angeles and Orange County. Currently selling in Pop Society Retail Store, Lash Addict Company, and I continue to expand even more ! I would like to thank everyone who loves Nü Soul Jewelry...You are what makes MY dream a reality.